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Jakob said in an interview for Delo magazine...

I still make all the skateboards by hand, so they are a bit more expensive. Even if I want to make two exactly the same skateboards, they will be different due to the human factor. As a result, I target customers who know how to appreciate it.

Jakob Hočevarustanovitelj znamke JH_boards

He also talked about his beginnings – what inspired him to make skateboards at the end of primary school.

»I was coming home from school. I spotted a guy carrying a very ‘cool’ longboard in his hand (a longer skateboard designed for a relaxed ride). II thought, why wouldn't I do something like that?«
Skateboarding was sometimes considered a strong subculture. Skaters had their own customs, their own culture, their own dressing style, their own taste for music…

»It seems to me that this is no longer the case in Slovenia,” said Hočevar, who, interestingly, was never overly enthusiastic about performing tricks in skate parks; the skateboard is used only as a means of transport. Nevertheless, he is well aware of the differences in the requirements of different customer profiles

Skaters prefer skateboards made out of veneer as it provides strength and flexibility. They have a kicktail (upwards bent tips) to make it easier to drive around curbs and do tricks. Anyone who would like to ride relaxed, comfortable, soft, will prefer to choose a less curved skateboard, such as a longboard. Longboard was invented by surfers in California in the mid-1950s. When there were no waves, they attached wheels to their boards and meandered across the asphalt between people instead of catch ocean. Perhaps even more convenient are cruisers, which are slightly smaller and easier to carry.

Jakob Hočevarustanovitelj znamke JH_boards

In the post, you can also read how he makes skateboards, for which celebrities he has already made them, how to maintain uniqueness in the flood of different providers and much more.

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