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»The young man from Ljubljana became enthusiastic about manual skills already at the Waldorf elementary school, but he quickly became fond of wood, and it was not long before he made the first skateboard out of wood. He is a self-taught genius, and today his very popular skateboards are the result of patient work and persistent research, to which he devoted all his youth. He has countless ideas for new products, and sometimes they don’t let him sleep«, wrote about Jakob Hočevar Barbara Kotnik, a One plus journalist.
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In an interview, Hočevar said:

Making skateboards for me is a kind of relaxation, like meditation. I am very fascinated when I start from scratch, just with an idea in my head, and when I finish it, there is a final product in front of me. It brings me significantly more joy than spending hours and hours in front of a computer and playing games.

Jakob Hočevarustanovitelj znamke JH_boards

He also described the usual process of making a skateboard.

First I choose a suitable wood, most skateboards are made of veneer, and then I press it in a heated mould to get the shape of a skateboard. I then cut out the shaped veneer, roughly and finely sand it and drill holes where I finally attach the chassis. Only then I can start painting. Some customers want to keep the wooden appearance, while others want a skateboard that is decorated all over the surface.

Jakob Hočevarustanovitelj znamke JH_boards
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