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Originality is our virtue, while the sky
our only limit. And your wishes.

A board can be more than just a means of transport. It can be an aesthetic achievement. That is why we at JH BOARDS try to make our products not only a pleasure to ride, but also to look at. We are even happier if we manage to achieve this in cooperation with the client. In addition to the special collections made in cooperation with recognised brands and exceptional individuals, we pay a lot of attention to custom boards. Together, we strive to create the dream board for every individual.
Uniqueness, creativity and an open dialogue with the client are the guiding principles of our brand. All our products are made in Slovenia from high-quality wood, as we believe it is important to promote local manufacture. If the client is interested, we always provide detailed information about the manufacturing process. Many famous individuals have received our skateboards as gifts, from actor Cillian Murphy to basketball players Goran Dragić and Luka Dončić, as well as the legendary Slovenian snowboarder Marko Grilc.

Let me tell you my story

How it all started

Once, on my way home from school, I saw a boy carrying a very cool longboard in his hand. I thought: why wouldn’t I make something like that? And so it began.

Handcraft has always brought pleasure to me and I made my first board in the 8th grade of elementary school. It looked more like a spear than a skateboard. At first, everyone said it would break right away. And yet it hold up and I have ridden it for a long time. It was far from ideal, but most important is that the second board was much better. The third was even better and so on.

I learned from my mistakes

In the first few boards, I learned from my mistakes and tested the advice I got from various sources of information. Like a sponge, I absorbed all the knowledge. Over the years the manufacturing process has become more professional.

Today all boards are made according to internationally recognized manufacturing procedures. All boards are handmade in Slovenia (EU) from quality materials. I find it important to encourage local production.

Learn more about the production

Trust the process

It started with boards for friends and acquaintances, but thanks to constant creation, improvement and sleeplees nights, my project has outgrown these frames: nowadays, JH BOARDS are ridden around many European countries.

Despite technological improvements, each of my products remains a unique work handmade in Slovenian.

Become a part of our story